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..Sweet Tooth.. FLASH GAME.. by koruldia ..Sweet Tooth.. FLASH GAME.. :iconkoruldia:koruldia 669 1,260 Egg Hatcher- A Flash Game by Chibixi Egg Hatcher- A Flash Game :iconchibixi:Chibixi 1,444 329 Pangur Circle by Meorow Pangur Circle :iconmeorow:Meorow 60 2 Jamas Circle by Meorow Jamas Circle :iconmeorow:Meorow 74 14 November Fox by Meorow November Fox :iconmeorow:Meorow 159 29 Destin by Meorow Destin :iconmeorow:Meorow 167 49 Sunshine by Meorow Sunshine :iconmeorow:Meorow 182 48 Oil Cat by Meorow Oil Cat :iconmeorow:Meorow 93 18 Comfort by Meorow Comfort :iconmeorow:Meorow 115 31 Jackal Study by Meorow Jackal Study :iconmeorow:Meorow 131 25 Deer Study by Meorow Deer Study :iconmeorow:Meorow 50 7 Insects by Meorow Insects :iconmeorow:Meorow 38 15 Jackal Wolf by Meorow Jackal Wolf :iconmeorow:Meorow 94 17 Cat Profile Scratchboard by Meorow Cat Profile Scratchboard :iconmeorow:Meorow 94 18 Feline -Scratch Board- by Meorow Feline -Scratch Board- :iconmeorow:Meorow 23 9 Rest by Meorow Rest :iconmeorow:Meorow 111 27

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Misfits - Prologue
(Guys nevermind, not setting this in Japan LOL. I jus realized Japanese names were hard to make up :’c)
Story summary: Raven, Mari, and Casey. Just a bunch of ‘useless misfits’, maybe not in the Human Realm but definitely in others. But are they really just this? When weird events start to happen everywhere, along with an unknown person spying over them, they start to doubt it. Specifically Raven doesn’t seem to be the person they all think she is…
“It’s… It’s successful,” a man muttered under his breath. A glint in his eye appeared, and a corner of his mouth twitched upwards. “We’ve finally succeeded…”
The other person fixed his glasses, glanced at the machine in front of them, and fixed his gaze at the man that muttered. “As expected. I did say not to doubt me, didn’t I, Kevin?” He grinned impishly.
“I never did.”
“How could you let this happen?” The wom
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Mousie by Ravenstar125 Mousie :iconravenstar125:Ravenstar125 1 0 Wolf... by Ravenstar125 Wolf... :iconravenstar125:Ravenstar125 1 0 Tigerstar by Ravenstar125 Tigerstar :iconravenstar125:Ravenstar125 2 2 Scourge by Ravenstar125 Scourge :iconravenstar125:Ravenstar125 7 2 Wolf by Ravenstar125 Wolf :iconravenstar125:Ravenstar125 4 6 Wolf/Dog? by Ravenstar125 Wolf/Dog? :iconravenstar125:Ravenstar125 2 2 A Boy. by Ravenstar125 A Boy. :iconravenstar125:Ravenstar125 1 6 Sort of wolf lineless painting by Ravenstar125 Sort of wolf lineless painting :iconravenstar125:Ravenstar125 5 3 Some sort of wolf logo? by Ravenstar125 Some sort of wolf logo? :iconravenstar125:Ravenstar125 0 0 Crescent Headshot by Ravenstar125 Crescent Headshot :iconravenstar125:Ravenstar125 2 0 Crescent(Fursona and OC) Full(ALMOST) Body Drawing by Ravenstar125 Crescent(Fursona and OC) Full(ALMOST) Body Drawing :iconravenstar125:Ravenstar125 2 0 GIMP Experiment: Clearing with a pond by Ravenstar125 GIMP Experiment: Clearing with a pond :iconravenstar125:Ravenstar125 4 4 Milk or Soap? (Another Animation!) by Ravenstar125 Milk or Soap? (Another Animation!) :iconravenstar125:Ravenstar125 2 7 Uh, Pen Drawing Challenge (Tagged) by Ravenstar125 Uh, Pen Drawing Challenge (Tagged) :iconravenstar125:Ravenstar125 5 7 Face-Booked! (That's so lame.) by Ravenstar125 Face-Booked! (That's so lame.) :iconravenstar125:Ravenstar125 3 1




remember Crescent? Or silhouette in teh dark? Those two i didnt continue? lmao

my storywriting suxed. In this story im probs going to drop it too, im just gonna try.

after all...

*Copy pastes a notepad document into microsoft word*


I wrote story notes. In notepad. Referring to the universe, and the characters. Do you wanna know how many words I wrote?


And dats jus story planning, plot planning, and story notes. i put so much effort... I actually didn't write everything there cause i'm way too lazy. The ACTUAL specific happenings are all burned into uh *glances around*

*Taps on head*

Yeah, there. I wonder if i'll forget them. LOL

anyway, I hope I at least reach chapter 3 of this shiz...

and btw, the title will be Misfits. Also, it's set in Japan... plainly cause i'm a freaking otaku. #dealwithit #japanesestory #proudtobeotaku

Andddddd dats it. Misfits.

(Ugh, the game Miscrits keeps popping up in my head @_@)

By the way


*prepares to get ignored/hated cause of the last remark, if they even understand it*

//gets shot, burned to the ground, stabbed by knives daggers spears and rakes, turned to ashes and shot into space, bloodbended by katara, stabbed by a heavy metal helmet controlled by magneto, trapped in webs by spiderman, smashed into pulp by hulk, smacked in the face by ironman with his iron fist (ouch, literally), cursed by voldemort, banished from hogwarts(wait i studied there?), killed by harry potter, and killed by jeff the killer, slenderman, ben drowned, and smiley dog in my sleep

*prays that last creepypasta one doesn't happen*
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Ravenstar125's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
That weird person that got too lazy to update stuff and shiz and has no idea why she likes the evil ppl in stories. I mean teh cool evil ppl. Not teh weird ones....

I'm also dat weird person who goes on random hiatuses. idk why. sometimes i'm lazy and I draw once in 3 months... and sometimes i'm dat holyshizincrediblymotivated person that draws thrice a day.

eh, idk. also, i'm incredibly lazy for finding out new techniques and styles and shiz. Dat's probably why i'm slow at improvement, lol. The only time i would ever suddenly have a change of style and shiz if this scenario happens:

*Searches pictures for fave char i like or char im going to draw*
*Sees an awesome picture*
*Tries to copy style*
*Succezes in changing my style and improving it*

and sometimes when this scenario happens:

*Searches fave chars and stuff*
*Sees an awesome picture with amazing shading and coloring*
*Tries to copy the way*
*Epically fails*
*Tries for the 9999999th time*
*Finally succeeds*


yeah. i dun think i should write anymore of mai weirdness and randomness here, so ill jus stop here huehuehue (nah, ill add one more section....):

She wants to touch me, woo ooh~
She wants to love me, woo ooh~
She'll never leave me woo ooh, woo ooh, ooh ooh~
Don't trust a hoe~
Never trust a hoe~
Won't trust a hoe~
Don't trust me~




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And premium membership.

And for sum commissions.

And for contests! (YAY)

merci c:

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